Tim is a skillful and experienced compare, MC and ringmaster. His style involves a blend of humour and quirky tricks to engage audiences between the acts. In this role his experience of working crowds at street shows around the world gives him the ability to get audiences engaged and fired up ready for the main acts. This role is oftened performed in combination with circus cabaret acts (see shows page).
Frank Dapper's Instant Cabaret - a skilful and amusing circus cabaret performed by three or more carefully selected circus artists. The show is hosted by Tim performing as his alter ego Frank Dapper and can include a varied combination of acts including mainipulation, escapology, acrobatics, hula-hooping, unicycling and danger stunts to engage, astound and amuse.

The show is often combined with a selection of complementary walkabout performed by the same group of circus artists entertainment giving extra added variety and value.

Cabaret Tent - also available is a larger even more spectacular circus cabaret show with aerial performance in an elegant cabaret marquee. Sound, equipment, lighting, beautiful décor, a wondrous show and exciting walkabout entertainment can all be provided for you by Tim Foolery and his fabulous friends.
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